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Here’s a little about us.

Tri-County Council for Western Maryland, Inc (TCCWMD) is a regional council of governments owned by Allegany, Garrett and Washington Counties in Appalachian Maryland. TCCWMD was formed in 1971 to provide a platform to promote communication, coordination and cooperation on issues affecting the region.

TCCWMD is a designated development district of the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) and the US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA), and as such represents a working partnership of federal, state and local government. The Council’s primary focus is to solve area-wide problems and encourage regional economic development. By facilitating the development of annual economic and community development plans, the Council, in turn makes the region eligible for federal implementation resources.

Today, TCCWMD continues to provide a place for regional discussion, bringing together elected officials with business and education leaders to share in the decision-making process to resolve issues that transcend traditional political boundaries.


To improve the overall quality of life in the region by efficiently utilizing public and private resources to fund projects across Western Maryland that support the implementation of our regional plan.


To provide a forum for local governments and citizens throughout Western Maryland to identify the issues and opportunities that are facing the region.

A Few More Stats

Summit Financing Solutions

Summit Financing Solutions offers two programs for small businesses looking to obtain financing. Since inception, TCCWMD has funded 303 projects; lent $26.8 million; leveraged $106.3 million; created 2,421 jobs and retained 2,344 jobs

Rural MD Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF)

Provides grants for technical assistance to small businesses for projects that will assist the need for professional guidance and services of a technical nature. Since inception, TA grants have completed 18 engagements totaling $84,022.92

Appalachian Regional Commission Project Package FY23

Twenty area development projects were invited to apply for $3.5 million in grant funding.

Appalachian Regional Commission Project Package FY22

Thirteen area development projects were invited to apply for $1.6 million in grant funding.