The Rural Maryland Council (RMC) brings together citizens, community-based organizations, federal, state, county and municipal government officials as well as representatives of the for-profit and nonprofit sectors to collectively address the needs of Rural Maryland communities. The RMC is an independent state agency located within the Maryland Department of Agriculture. RMC provides a venue for members of agriculture and natural resource-based industries, health care facilities, educational institutions, economic and community development organizations, for-profit and nonprofit corporations, and government agencies to cross traditional boundaries, share information, and address in a more holistic way the special needs and opportunities in Rural Maryland.

The Rural Maryland Prosperity Investment Fund (RMPIF) supports the Rural Maryland Council activities and the Maryland Agricultural Education and Rural Development Assistance Fund (MAERDAF), which provides capacity-building funds to rural nonprofit service providers. It also supports the states’ five regional councils, regional infrastructure projects, rural entrepreneurship development, rural community development, and rural health care organizations.

RMPIF funding is used in conjunction with funding from Tri-County Council for Western Maryland’s (TCCWMD) loan fund program, Summit Financing Solutions, to enhance the program and better serve the needs of the businesses and entrepreneurial community, and provide technical assistance for companies to acquire professional services that will enhance their business and their opportunity to secure required financing. The efforts of this program focus directly on the Council’s goal of improving access to capital for the small, minority and women-owned businesses in the region and across the State.

For more information, please visit the Rural Maryland Council website:

Rural Maryland Council

Last year 41 employees received paychecks from High Mountain Sports.  Without the GAP funding from Tri-County Council this would not have been possible.  We are glad that Tri-County Council has allowed our 30 year old business to lease a new life and grow with this investment.

- Steve Green, High Mountain Sports

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